Danish Design and Social Responsibility in Every Stitch

Every OPTIHOOK product is a testament to Danish design and Nordic traditions of simple but convenient style, customized into a unique, fashionable eyewear cord and holders that fit every occasion.

Our products are meticulously handcrafted. We collaborate with local manufacturing workshops dedicated to social projects, aiding the disadvantaged. While the pace may not match conventional production, the employees contribute extensive craftsmanship, assembling our products with dedication and high quality, partial or end-to-end delivery.

So, if there's a slight delay in the distribution to your retail chains or specialized shops, it results from our commitment to a socially responsible production process - and ensuring 100% CO2-neutral production.

Global Materials in High Quality with a Local Heart

Our design and local operational approach harmonize perfectly with our dedicated use of the world's premier resources. We reuse returned products and leftover materials to create new products and craft products from, amongst others, recycled plastic bottles (rPET) to effectively use the resources that keep making sense and fit into the "green lifestyle.

Recognizing that recycling PET doesn't erase the longevity of plastic, we've taken a significant step forward by increasing the request for high-quality rPET yarns used in our Optihook products.

Each time you purchase an OPTIHOOK Flash, it breathes new life into one plastic bottle processed into recycled material.

While most materials are sourced from Europe, a minor fraction is supplied from the USA and China. We're constantly pursuing local or European suppliers delivering enhanced sustainable materials to keep our commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint and minimizing freight energy consumption.


Introducing Our Sustainable Materials


rPET (Recycled Plastic Bottles):

- Crafted from polyester fiber rope entirely sourced from recycled plastic PET bottles

- High-quality construction of a 32 strands sheath and a braided core.

- Excellent abrasion and UV resistance 

- Retains strength when wet

- Flexible and smooth with a luxury appearance


Genuine Leather:

- Opt for the timeless elegance of genuine cow leather, naturally dyed in earthy colors, 

- A supple, round cord with a unique and natural structure.

- Water-repellent properties ensure durability in various conditions.


Vegan Leather:

- Embrace an ethical choice with our vegan leather options. Featuring a polyester fiber core with a thick layer of polymer coating, 

- Long durability - lasts longer than traditional leather under regular use.

- Waterproofing and easy cleaning


Natural Cork

- Experience the unparalleled sustainability of cork sourced from cork oak trees; the cork used can be harvested up to 18 times from the same tree over approximately 200 years.

- It is a renewable resource that provides a unique aesthetic and actively absorbs more CO2 than it emits.


Our dedication 

OPTIHOOK takes pride in delivering stylish, functional design eyewear cords and holders, in high-quality sustainable materials, while contributing with more quality of life, environmental consciousness and a socially responsible future. 


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