A design concept arises

You have experienced it yourself or may well know the feeling: You would have performed better had you brought them along; You regret you left them at home but had nowhere to place them; Or even worse, you brought them along since you needed them badly, but now they're gone because you got distracted... or left them behind... 

Absolutely right, it's your most wanted companion I'm talking about: Your sunglasses, sports or reading eyewear.

It made me think, 'If only… and the design concept OPTIHOOK arose. 

I wanted a flexible solution covering daily situations and adding value to the work-sports-private life balance. Besides, I tested many shapes and materials to accommodate different preferences on where to place or wear it, keeping in mind the cross-over usage during the day and still ensuring you control what you do best. 

Optihook was born! The outcome is a sleek Nordic design, innovative shapes and features, optimal grip on the eyewear, and a funky good look.

The unisex and stylish design allows you to always have your sunglasses, sports or reading eyewear close at hand until needed, held firmly, and placed on your preferred spot. At the same time, you look relaxed and cool when performing your favorite sport, presenting at work, or wish to stay sharp on your craftsmanship or your kids' creative work at first sight when you return home. 



René Qvist, OPTIHOOK Chief Designer