Quality & Materials

Rene Qvist
OPTIHOOK takes pride in delivering stylish, functional design eyewear cords and holders, in high-quality sustainable materials, while contributing with more quality of life, environmental consciousness and a socially responsible future. 

The Story

Rene Qvist
The story to why, the next time you head out to conquer the day, an Optihook will be your trusty sidekick, ensuring that your eyewear stays with you every step, ready to support you at work, performing your sports, or when going out on an adventure.


Rene Qvist
At OPTIHOOK, our commitment extends beyond crafting stylish eyewear accessories. We are driven by a profound mission to leave a positive impact, no matter how small our eco-footprint may be

Clear Ocean

Rene Qvist
In response to the environmental challenge, OPTIHOOK has initiated the 'Clear Ocean' project. Our mission is to contribute to balance a healthier ocean life actively, ensuring that the community and nature thrive in harmony