OPTIHOOK Clear Ocean Project

At OPTIHOOK, the Founder and Partner share a profound love for the sea, beach life, and the vibrant community surrounding it. As avid surfers, they embark on journeys that bring them face-to-face with the stark reality of floating plastic waste that forms islands on the ocean's surface or transforms into microplastics that silently impact marine ecosystems. This overconsumption of plastic not only dominates the natural beauty of the oceans but also disrupts the cherished experiences of both locals and tourists alike.

In response to the environmental challenge, OPTIHOOK has initiated the 'Clear Ocean' project. Our mission is to contribute to balance a healthier ocean life actively, ensuring that the community and nature thrive in harmony.

René Qvist, OPTIHOOK's founder, draws inspiration from his deep connection with the elements of nature. His extensive hours spent surfing and snowboarding have shaped a communication style that is pure and uncomplicated yet always conveys an engaging and direct message—simple and clean, much like the environment we strive to protect.

As early as 2014, René Qvist demonstrated his commitment to combatting plastic pollution with the Water art installation LOL – Last Ocean Life, established in Hornbæk (North Sealand) and the inner-city Lake Sortedamsøen, Copenhagen.

This poignant piece of art installation served as an ironic reflection depicting marine life that already at the time faced waste garbage combined with a potentially catastrophic future scenario of the consequences of bottom trawl fishing: Only a few smiling sea animals left on the surface, floating and made of plastic.


Hornbæk, North Sealand, 2014


The inner-city Lake Sortedamsøen, Copenhagen, 2014

In the ongoing journey, OPTIHOOK is actively engaging with esteemed stakeholders and partners to amplify our voice and enhance the tangible impact of the Clear Ocean Project. 

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At OPTIHOOK, our commitment extends beyond crafting stylish eyewear accessories. We are driven by a profound mission to leave a positive impact, no matter how small our eco-footprint may be